Of the Week Poetry

Favorite Poem of the Week

Written by Braelynn Jordan

Today we have a poem from Me. This week I wanted to switch it up a little, so not only is this a favorite poem, it is a poem that I wrote myself. I wrote this poem because in third grade we made poem books after learning about poems. So today we have a poem from third grade Braelynn. Even though third grade seems like a while ago since I am going to graduate soon, I still feel connected to it. The poem is expressing that you should love people because everyone deserves to be loved. Since I consider myself to be a helpful person, I felt that I could help love people, especially when they are feeling like no one loves them. I want to be able to continue this message throughout my life, and I want others to know that they can come to me whenever they need. If you see someone that seems like they need some loving, go and hug them, you never know how it will affect them. Love is something we all have, and we should share it with one another because love is something that is unique, and deserves to be spread.

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