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Meme👏Review👏: Tik Tok DuckMan

Written by Anthony Grafton

Welcome back to the second edition of the Meme review column. This is the column where all memes are accepted, within school standards, and never divided. The problem is that each meme is not equal and some dominate over others. That is what this column is here to show.

Today’s guess is a guy I just found doing nothing around the newsroom. Disclaimer, we at Knightly News work hard to give you the best and most worthwhile content.  His name is Isaiah Martin with the title of meme connoisseur. This title means that Isaiah is not a “normie” but claims to be ok at memes. A normie is someone with little to no knowledge of the way of the meme, which means that he knows the way of the meme more than a normie but is just a novice. As a meme lord, you laugh a lot but I enjoy memes deeper than the surface level. All of the memes he brought were general level humor making them not funny to me. I do not judge anybody’s memes, no matter what I think of them. I invite every single guest to bring their memes to share as I do the same.

Isaiah may be an ok at the art memes but his large collection of memes makes up for it slightly. I bring this up because I asked him what his favorite meme was and it was hard for him to pick one. His thrill for the love of memes is what really made me appreciate him being my second guest.

Isaiah and I argue a lot on many different controversial topics. I asked him what he thought about a woman who thought that had black people in them were making fun of black people. I wanted to give him something to talk about but I got more information from sharing memes than a more serious topic like this. This was partly because I did not have the video prepared and Isaiah did not want to bias this column. The information I got from this conversation was this. Similar to anything else, memes can get corrupted but at the same time bring joy to thousands.

Today we will be looking at the wonderful world of Tik Tok. Tik Tok is a phone app where 14 years olds rise to fame or bully people just for fun. A person who bullies someone for their own entertainment on the internet is called a Troll. Tik Tok recently replaced an app called Musically. The focus on this app is to lip sync songs while doing something entertaining. While the children who use the site can get popular, it is usually by other people around their age and adults do not see the point. Isaiah and I are going so to see if there is a point. The most popular meme that came from Tik Tok is the I want to be Tracer meme. Tracer is a character from a video game named Overwatch and the song this female is lip-syncing over is about switch character. On Tik Tok, you can only play a short part of the song and this part just says the names of the characters the other person should switch to. The female for the origin Tik Tok was lip syncing while acting like she was playing the game with a PlayStation 3 controller. The problem with this is that you cannot play Overwatch on a PlayStation 3. The trolls decided to duet her original Tik Tok by playing Overwatch with house appliances while wearing things like TV screens on their head. A duet is when a person plays their own Tik Tok video next to the original usually reacting or mocking the original person I picked this meme not because it was funny but because of the creativity that a 14-year-old Tik Tok troll would put into this. I show Isaiah this and he immediately did not get it. He plays Overwatch but was looking at it by a humorous perspective. The one that really disturbed him was a duet of a person using a live duck as a controller. I explained to him that the point was to put more effort into the Tik Tok than the original person but he still did not like it. I let him score the meme with a classy, Isaiah said stars are classy, 2 out of 10 stars. Then he rated the potential of the meme to be a 3 out of 10 because he saw it more of a meme that needed an acquired taste with no real variety other than the shock of what a person is holding or using in replacement of a head.

Photo screenshot from the video I’m Already Tracer ICONIC MEMES COMPILATION BY Visicks

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