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2019 Geneva Motor Show

Written by Gus Wilson

One of the most important and most exciting auto shows has come giving car fanatics the best creations from the automotive industry from big manufacturers to aftermarket tuners like; German tuner Ruf making the already extremely fast Porsche 911 even faster or Brabus which tune Mercedes-AMG models along with Smart Fortwo’s with about 125 hp. The most important auto show is called the Geneva Motor Show with a wide range of vehicles ranging from small 2 seater city cars to modified vans with 6 TVs and a foldout king size bed (extreme example).

First up on the docket is Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg, who unveiled their new hypercar dubbed the Jesko named after founder and CEO’s father Christian Von Koenigsegg’s father Jesko Von Koenigsegg. The Jesko is the successor to the previous Agera supercar which in its final trim called the RS1, set a world record for the fastest car in the world at 278mph. The RS1 has 1 megawatt of power which is 1,360PS or 1,341hp on E85 gas (ethanol) and it weighs 3,075lbs. The Jesko takes all of those figures from the Agera and dials it up to 11 because the car’s figures shouldn’t even exist in this world! The 5.0L twin-turbocharged V8 makes 1,600hp on E85 gasoline, 1,280hp on pump gas, 1,106 ft-lbs of torque on both types of fuel, and has a system that keeps air going through the turbos to keep them spooled up. The car has two packages available: a track pack with a huge wing providing 2,200lbs of downforce and the top speed package gives it a small wing providing 1,100lbs of downforce along with some more creature comforts plus an increase in top speed to over 314hp. The transmission is a nine-speed, seven-clutch, and three-gear automatic transmission built by Koenigsegg. The transmission despite having more clutches than most transmissions in most supercars weighs 66lbs less than a regular dual-clutch transmission. The price tag of such a car is $2.8 million, so I wouldn’t expect to see very many or even any in the Midwest unless it were to be shipped in from Florida, New York, California, or Texas.

2020 Koenigsegg Jesko

Enough about the new Swedish rocket ship, on to some Italian cars with some double-digit cylinder counts. Lamborghini unveiled their two most extreme convertibles: the Huracan Evo Spyder with improved aerodynamics making this 5.2L V10 powered, AWD monster tame it’s 630hp on the race track, the Aventador SVJ Roadster has reworked 6.5L V12 turning out 759hp through a seven-speed single clutch transmission and AWD system. The Aventador SVJ starts around an insane $573,966 in the roadster trim and the Huracan Evo in its spyder trim starts at $287,400 which by Lamborghini’s standards is considered to be the “cheap or baby Lambo.”

To transition away from the supercars of Geneva, Jeep has introduced two hybridized crossovers as part of their plan to boost sales in Europe which unfortunately won’t be available in the U.S., but Jeep will have eight new electric vehicles on sale in the U.S. by 2022. The two models are the Renegade and Compass, which house a 1.3L turbo four-cylinder making 190hp along with a 50hp electric motor in the rear to make a total output of……240hp. The crossovers are much to everybody’s surprise, are still “Trail Rated” 4×4’s so they haven’t lost their ability to go off-road.

2019 Jeep Compass and Renegade EV’s

So those were some of the cars and crossovers that were unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, as a car guru I was doing flips in my head because there was so much to read through to make this article. I enjoyed writing this and I hope it gives that same enjoyment when reading it. Please comment down below what should be my next article.

Source: Motor Trend

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