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National Womens Month: Solanges New Album?  

Written by Isaiah Martin

So, if you haven’t already heard Solange just released a new album…And if you don’t know who Solange is she’s Beyoncé’s sister. I personally feel it’s already hard to get away from the overbearing shadow of her sister and identify as her own person. But who am I to speak on things when I’m on the outside looking in. One things for certain though; and it’s that Solanges last album A Seat At The Table (2016) definitely changed things. It was an album had quality written all over it from the real instruments, to the the gentle but soulful voice bringing forth, attacking, and dealing with controversial topics. It was pure beauty. It is recognized today by many as the essence of neo(new) soul. Now her new album When I Get Home…well its different…or is it? When I first heard A Seat at The Table I wasn’t to ecstatic. I didn’t dislike it but it was hard for me to like it. I don’t know what it was about the album, but it just didn’t become as attractive as it is now. Then I found at least one song I really liked. Solanges Don’t Touch My Hair was the key to a chest of musical wonders. When I finally understood one of her songs, I understood her style and I understood the message. Then everything started to fall into place. Now I listen to that 2016 album almost every day.  Basically, I heard one song I liked and the rest of the album grew on me like a moss on an old tree. Solanges new album is no different. It was even weird to me at first. The beats, the music, the hooks, the pace. It was a drastic change. But I’m listening to When I Get Home for the 11th time as I type this article. The thing about this album is that it has to do with Houston, Solange’s home, thus the album name. Thing is, you’ll have to listen to the album at least three times to fully understand it. She not only talks about her hometown in the form of what seems like typical meaningless hooks, she talks about its history. If you guessed that racism shows its ugly face as well…You guessed it. Congratulations. Go receive your prize from the nun in the 4th floor pool…Back to Solange. Her album takes on the same topics as the first album. You just have to (try to) understand. A perfect example of Solange’s (possible) genius is her song My Skin My Logo. In the song she sings a alternate version of the same hook “Gucci like to…” . Due to the recent Gucci incident its confusing to tell weather Solange is dissing Gucci or supporting it. But if you listen closely you’ll hear a line In the song where Solange says “I didn’t want to sock her she had Gucci on her cleats”. This line is a double entendre and a play on words and saying that she’ll hit someone who wears Gucci. If that’s not enough you should be able to draw the meaning of the song from the title. Altogether I’d give the album a solid 8.5/10. You should listen to the album and see what you think of it. 

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