How To Use Coke Braised Pork Rice (卤肉饭)!

Written by Tori Yang

Taiwan Braised Pork Rice is my favorite dish, my mom usually cooks for me, because it is super tasty!

The traditional process of braised pork rice is cumbersome and time consuming.

So how can we make a simple, delicious braised pork rice?

The most important material is !! Coke!!!

I am not a good cook, and even I can cook this well! So let’s do it!

(HINT: if you use rice cooker to make it, make sure you cook the rice first.)



Pork Belly

1 Bottle Coke

Onion (Blasted, or Pan Fried)

Allspice (half teaspoon)

50ml soy sauces



Vegetables (if you don’t like, you don’t need to put)

Step 1:

Cut the pork belly  into small strip; ( around 1cm)

Cut the onion to really small pieces

Step 2:

Pan Fry the pork belly; let some oil come out.

Also Pan Fry the onion pieces.

Step 3:

Put pork, Onion pieces and 2 eggs or more (make sure they are cooked) in the Rice Cooker;

(if you don’t have a rice cooker, you can just put in the big pot too)

(Optional: If you like potatoes, you can put some potato pieces in too)

Step 4:

Put 50ml soy sauces; Half teaspoon allspice; and a bottle of Coke.

Step 5:

Wait a hour….

Step 6:

Put some rice on the bottom of the bowl,

And just put the pork we just made, and some sauces




There is a video that completely talks about how to make it step by step. I also learned from here.


The original YouTuber’s name is: 爱做饭的芋头sama. ( or type, aizuofandeyutousama)
She didn’t post this video in YouTube, but some people forwarded the video.
Super easy and delicious!!
picture from: Weibo.









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