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National Holidays of the Week

Written by Roberto Barron

This up and coming week there isn’t much to celebrate with the lack of major holidays, but this week still consists of smaller lesser known holidays. Philadelphia is about to go crazy on the 24th because it’s National Cheesesteak Day. Cheesesteak was invented in 1930 by two hotdog vendors from southern Philadelphia, Pat and Henry Oliveri. It all started when they first put it on their grill as cab driver stopped and asked for one. Around a decade later Pat started a successful restaurant named Pat’s King of Steaks which is still around today.

On the 25th Sweden is going to celebrate Waffle day which is often confused for our American National Waffle Day which occurs on August 24th. Waffles are much older than what most people would expect, with some of the first honeycomb pattern waffle irons appearing during the 13th century. Its original name was guafre, an Old French word which translated into Old English resembles its modern day name, it being wafla.

Popeye would be one happy sailor on the 26th because that day is National Spinach Day. Spinach originated in Persia, but was brought to India by traders. Thanks to those traders, spinach can now be found throughout central and southwestern Asia. Today spinach is often associated with the fictional cartoon character Popeye who would eat spinach to instantly grow massive muscles. The reason for spinach’s popularity was due to a miscalculation done by the manufacture. A serving of spinach was calculated to have about 35mg worth of iron while in reality it held about 3.5mg per serving. This made people believe spinach was healthier than it actually was which made its sales spike up a third of what it was the year previously.

March 27th is national Joe day where we celebrate everyone who has a variation of the name Joe. There isn’t a specific reason to why we celebrate people named Joe, but okay.

National Something on a Stick Day is on the 28th which encourages everyone to skewer their favorite foods. Yet people are not only limited to just shish kebobs, it’s also open to other treats such as popsicles and lollipops.

The 29th is National Mom and Pops Day? It’s not what it sounds like, this day is not in the commemoration of parents but rather small business owners. They’re all around us wherever we go, yet we never really paid our respects to them. Small businesses such as those are what helped build the American Economy into what it is today. Next time you think about going out to buy something consider stopping at one of these small business because they most likely need the sale more than the bigger name corporations.

The people who save lives daily deserve a day of gratitude, and that day is on March 30th, this day is National Doctor’s Day. This national holiday can be traced back to 1933 when it was proposed by a doctor’s wife because it was apparent to her how many doctors hard work went unrecognized. The reason National Doctor’s Day resides on March 30th is due to it being the anniversary of the first time ether was used as an anesthetic during surgery.




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