Marquette vs. Murray State

Written by Matthew Sherlock

It’s March and you know what that means, March Madness. This is the time of year when everyone fills out brackets to see if they can get a perfect bracket. Getting a perfect bracket has never happened, and probably never will. Yet the rush of the tournament still leads people to fill out brackets, myself included. After the first day of the tournament, there have not been any upsets that were very surprising. 12th ranked Murray State took down 5th ranked Marquette, but many people predicted this outcome. Ja Morant led Murray State to an 83-64 win over the Golden Eagles. He also dropped the first triple double in tournament play since Draymond Green in 2012. This impressive victory by Murray State will give them a confidence boost heading into their next game against Florida State. Marquette looked awful in this match up. There was never a point in time where it looked like Marquette had a chance of winning. Junior Guard had 26 points in the loss. Many are questioning whether or not Coach Wojciechowski will be around next year. Marquette lost 6 of their last 7 games, which is why people are wondering if Marquette will go through a coaching change. Next season Marquette is expected to have all of their starting 5 back, and most of their role players off the bench.

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