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Movie Recommendation: Cabin in The Woods

Written by Jonathan Frank

Movie Recommendation: Cabin in The Woods

Rated: R               Release: 2011    Score: 91% Rotten Tomatoes      My Score: 8/10

Length: 1h 35m                 Genre: Mystery/thriller.

Should You Watch it? YES, if you are fine with Nudity, Blood and Gore, Violence, References to Drug abuse, Actual drug abuse, and Language.

Thanks to Teddy Kister for the Recommendation,

Spoiler Free Review:

So, this movie is an interesting one. Try to think of the most stereotypical horror movie you can, a group of teenagers go into the woods for a vacation, then through some weird turn of events, they get chased and hunted down by the monster of the movie. This movie takes that campy, stereotypical horror setting, and gives a reason behind this. It turns out… (This is technically not a spoiler since they reveal this within the first few minutes) The characters are actually part of a really horrific reality TV show. But instead of being fake death, it’s all real. The movie takes place in two main settings. The Studio running the whole operation focusing on the characters running the show and forcing the characters to choose the most entertaining path., and the survivors trying to survive and get out the nightmare they have been placed in. As much as I want to talk about the monsters and more about this movie, especially the ending! But I suggest you watch the movie, it’s a really interesting concept and the ending just goes above and beyond crazy. Instead of discussing more plot I’ll bring up some other points, like the acting and the characters. The acting is spot on; each actor brings something new, and they even have Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as the stereotypical jock in the movie. The characters are all enjoyable; to be honest the only character I didn’t really like was the blond, but every other character I ended up really liking. The concept is really cool, and overall the movie is very well done. To be honest, the very end gets really strange and very confusing. The scenes leading up to that point are by far my favorite part of the movie. So, I just want to thank Teddy Kister for recommending this movie. In conclusion, if you have some free time this weekend and you have a few dollars to spare, rent this movie for the weekend, and watch it, it’s worth it.

Thank You, and Happy Watching.

-Jonny Frank.

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