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The Art of Speedrunning

Written by Teddy Kister

Speedrunning a game is when someone tries to complete a game as fast as possible using any methods given to them by the game. This includes using glitches, exploits, or just pure skill. As someone who has speedran a couple of games (Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Bros, etc.), I known how hard it is to pull off a good run. This makes me respect amazing speedrunners even more, because I know the struggle of learning a run and perfecting it. For me, running a game is fun, but not as fun as watching a talented speedrunner run a game. Twice every year, an event happens called Games Done Quick. There is Awesome Games Done Quick in January, and Summer Games Done Quick in June. These are speedrunning marathons where the best speedrunners from across the world raise money for cancer research. I always tune into these marathons to see my favorite games completely broken apart and beaten almost as fast as humanly possible.

There are many amazing speedruns but here are a couple of my favorite runs. Ocarina of Time, one of the most highly rated games of all time, normally taking a person a dozen hours to beat, can be beaten in less than 20 minutes by abusing glitches. Another great one is the Dark Souls 3 All Bosses run; with Dark Souls 3 being my favorite game, it is super cool to see the game played pretty much perfectly. To give context, it took me ten hours to beat Dark Souls 3, and I did not even kill all the bosses, but the speedrun is done in around an hour and a half. It is super impressive to see these runners display their skill and it makes speedrunning a really good spectator event.

I would highly recommend getting into speedrunning, as it adds replay value to previous games, gives a new challenge, and the community is incredibly welcoming and ready to help you learn the game

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