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Meme👏 Review👏: Doggo Wizard vs Duckman 2020 Presidental election

Written by Anthony Grafton

Welcome back to another installment of the meme review column. The column that gives the best meme while introducing newcomers to the art. The art of the meme is a complex and delicate skill to master. The masters really stick out.

This week I am with a master of the meme. Miguel Monteagudo just really likes dogs. Animals are a prominent part of the meme community. The early scene of YouTube with its endless storage of cat video is also considered another part of early meme culture away from 4chan. Miguel likes dogs so much he is the doggo wizard. A doggo is any dog but one meme changed that so most people who follow the way of the meme call dogs, doggos.

Along with doggos, we also talked about Duckman. Isaiah may not approve of Duckman but Miguel is all for Duckman. Duckman is now a meme of this column. We want Duckman for president in the year 2020.

I asked Miguel what he thought was concerning about memes today and he had this to say. Miguel said, “I feel like some memes take it to the extreme, or talks about sensitive topics but also kinda funny.” Can make fun of very serious topics like the twin towers. These memes are still made for people to laugh at them but the seriousness of the stories behind them make them a place meme should not go. I agree with Miguel but I think that the extreme levels that a meme can take should let people stop enjoying them if they like them.

Miguel brought some unique memes as his favorite memes. He brought three memes based around Raini Rodriguez. She is an actor from Disney channel from a show called Austin and Ally. The meme lords that created that made this meme along with the followers of these memes have called her the skinny legend. She also sings fiesta salsa, which is about 5 seconds of her singing. I enjoy this meme because of one comparing Raini Rodriguez to Beyoncé and how Raini is better. She is very much better, especially for being a skinny queen while Beyonce is not.

Since Miguel is a doggo wizard, I brought him a collection of wholesome animal memes, mostly dogs. Wholesome memes are usually just pictures of cute and funny animals to make people feel better. We rate these memes a hopping dog that can’t run out of ten. There is a pug named Loca in a meme about how the dog can’t run. I love this song but Miguel doesn’t. The point is that Loca is still adorable and that is the only thing that matters in these memes, how adorable an animal can get.

Meme found from the app Ifunny almost nothing is original but it is impossible to find the original creator.

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