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T.V. Show of the Week: American Gods

Written by Isaiah Martin

WARNING: this T.V. show literally needs permission from parents. Literally it is that serious. Don’t be like “Oh I’m mature enough to watch whatever I please”. Because this T.V. show has quite a few “sensitive” scenes.

American Gods is a modern fantasy T.V. show that depicts a so-called war between the old gods and new gods.  The funny thing about this show is that almost all of the Old Gods (which are the main characters) aren’t originally from America.  They come from the cultures of immigrants, slaves and natives that were brought (or lived) in America. This show is like a cultural cornucopia that is at sometimes hard to understand. But the beautiful ways that they present the cultures incorporated in the show is an enigma to me. It just flows well. The jazz/blues music that plays on the slave ship possibly representing the Harlem renaissance. The bagpipes that decorate the episode of Mad Sweeny, the 7 foot Leprechaun of the show.  The candles that light the scarlet room of Bilquis the god of passion and love.  The whole show almost makes you believe in something such as culture itself.  It’s also pretty educational. I mean I didn’t even know that Bilquis was a name until this show. Or that Easter is actually an ancient Germanic god and she’s why there’s such a big representation of bunnies on the holiday. History is a funny thing. The show isn’t shy of its acting chops either. There’s a strong presence of gifted actors as well as familiar faces like Crispin Glover or Orlando Jones …You know that dude that looks just like Solange…(I’ll put a picture down below) if you don’t know who Solange is go read my last article. Anyway, American Gods is a great testament to today and past cultures and should be watched, if not for entertainment, as a respect/preservation of culture. I’d give American Gods about a solid 8.9 out of ten on a bad day.  Here are some other ratings below

Rotten Tomatoes-74%

IDMb- 8/10

Games Radar- 4/5

This is what I was talking about

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