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Why We Shouldn’t Wear Earphones Too Long

Written by Tori Yang

There is a very hot topic recently: AirPods are being called carcinogenic.

But I am not trying to discuss this issue today.

Don’t think that without wireless headphones you will stay away from health problems.

The ear is a relatively complex organ of the human body, and its sensitivity is reduced if it is stimulated for a long time. Teenagers like to wear headphones to listen to songs, enjoy the mood, and wearing headphones to listen to the song does not hinder others, and they will not be disturbed by the outside world. It was a good choice. One can not deny its benefits. However, if you wear it for a long time, it can be more harmful.

There are two reason you shouldn’t wear earphones that long.

It can cause hearing loss

  • The volume of the headphones is often very large, almost all of them are input into the ears, which is very irritating to the ears, and listening for a long time will cause hearing loss.

Introduce bacteria into the ear

  • Someone has carried out a bacterial experiment on headphones. The amazing thing is that in-ear headphones are worn for an hour.The bacteria multiply nearly five times more than before.
    The earbuds were worn for an hour, and the bacteria multiplied nearly three times.
    It is conceivable that if it is not cleaned regularly, the bacteria will definitely come into the ear with the headphones.

So be careful how long you use them, how loud you play them, and be sure to clean them often.


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