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April Fool’s Day

Written by Roberto Barron

Watch your step Dominican, because April Fool’s Day has fallen upon us once again. A day filled with practical jokes and pranks will keep everyone on their toes waiting for what may be lurking around the corner. Before “kick me” signs became the craze of modern society, people started out using a paper fish. These paper fish were called “poison d’arvil” which is French for “April Fool”. These paper fish represented young fish who were gullible enough to get themselves caught. The victims of the “April Fool” fish pranks mainly consisted of those who didn’t convert to the Gregorian calendar from the Julian calendar. At the time French citizens weren’t well informed about the calendar change which led some to continue on using the Julian calendar. Before the calendar changed the new year started on March 25th and was celebrated for a week leading into April 1st. Those who still celebrated the new year on April 1st were seen as fools because they hadn’t converted to the new calendar which held the new year on January 1st. This is what led to practical jokes being made and “April Fool” fish being placed on these unsuspecting victim’s backs.



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