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Prom Makeup Horror Story

Written by Paloma Romo

Last year was my first prom and I was super excited. I had been looking for makeup ideas for prom. I would go on Pinterest and look up how I wanted to get my makeup done. My mom would always suggest that I do my makeup myself because only I know what I like.  I wanted someone else to do my makeup because I did not want to be stressed on Prom day. When the day came I could not wait to get my makeup done and have the whole look come together. I got to my makeup appointment and went to the bathroom halfway through and it was looking very good. She finished really quickly in like thirty minutes which I was surprised about because it usually takes me like two hours. After she was done with my makeup she never had me look at myself in the mirror I just left. When I got home my makeup looked horrible. The glitter on my eyes was super chunky and there was patches where there was glitter missing. My face makeup was ok except for the blush it was bright pink. I completely hated it and felt like crying. It was really close to the time I had to do someone else’s makeup. I took everything off and had to do it myself which I was really upset about. I did it on my own and I was pretty satisfied with it. This is why this year I will be doing my own hair and makeup.

Picture Credit: Genaviv Alcantara

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