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The Appeal of Twitch

Written by Teddy Kister

Twitch has become one of the largest streaming sites ever, with there being thousands of games being streamed every day. There are many reasons that people watch Twitch and have their favorite streamers.

One reason is that the streamer is very entertaining. One example of this is XQC. Not only is he really good at Overwatch, he also incredibly funny and has a very strong personality. This makes him a streamer that is very fun to watch. Streamers with great and interesting personalities usually have large followings showing that people are entertained. Another of my favorite streamers is Clint Stevens. He’s not particularly good at a lot of games, but he has a great and entertaining personality.

Another reason that people watch Twitch streamers is that they are great at the game they play. Many of the largest Overwatch streamers are also some of the best in the world. A great example of a skilled player is Distortion2. He is not that funny, but the skill he shows when he is speedrunning Dark Souls games make him super fun to watch. Amazing speedrunners often have pretty large followings because of their skill at their game.

Overall, Twitch has shown the ways people choose to entertain their audience, through their skill at the game, or through their entertaining personality.


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