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Meme 👏 Review👏: Duckman talks about the importance of Meme Lords

Written by Anthony Grafton

Welcome back to the column that rips off Pewdiepie to get more views. Subscribe to Pewdiepie and get others to do the same. This is not a just a meme at this point but a fight for the little memers and independent creators, Pewdiepie, versus the big corporation, T-Series, trying to take over the land scape of YouTube. This is the reason for the popularity of this meme, the underline means making it special because almost every watches or uses YouTube.

Today I wanted to introduce myself more thoroughly. I am the Meme Lord Big Smooth. As a Meme Lord, I regulate the memes and “protecc” the memes along with their culture. In meme culture, misspelling of words is common place going back to the old days of 4chan. 4chan is where one of the original meme come from, Pepe the frog. As from the first article from this series states, Pepe the frog is a cartoon frog that is used to express feelings of distress or just used as a funny meme.

In recent years, Pepe has gone under attack. People have claimed that Pepe is racist and anti-Semitic because of a small group of people. As a Meme Lord, this basic level meme was never put to that level until some sites wanted to start controversy. This may have a slight bias to it but every meme should have a fair chance and when Pepe was shown to the public he started out in a bad light. Calling Pepe, the Frog a Nazi promoter when the creator himself never even excepted him to be a meme but let people use it for harmless fun.  The creator, Matt Furie, found out about this and sued the people trying to slander his creation. Most of these people being outside of the meme community.

The meme community is not filled with people like this but all the internet people have been saying the mascot of memes is a hate symbol. Matt fighting for his creation and then killing his creation makes him one of the greatest meme lords for trying to show that meme is just there for fun. Meme are not made for politics to be involved, just for enjoyment.

Picture take from Memeriod

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