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Favorite Poem of the Week

Written by Braelynn Jordan

Even though this week has been short with only 3 academic days, the start of the week was rough on some people. This week some of us have lost loved ones and dear friends. So for this weeks poem, I choose a poem for comfort. Just know that even though things are hard right now, it will get better, and they are in a better place now with no worries. Continue to stay strong and keep your head up, and know that it is okay to cry, we are all here for you. Carry those joyful moments you’ve had with that person with you in your heart. Don’t take life for granted, go out and love on everyone you know, because you never know if it will be the last time you will see them. With that being said, go to prom this week and make many memories. Take plenty of pictures, and smile all night. Enjoy!

Poem Cred: Pinterest

Photo Cred: Dominican High School Website

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