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John Wayne Gacy

Written by Monteagudo

The case of John Wayne Gacy has been an outstanding trial resulting in the death of 33 boys ranging from age 14 to 21. Not all of the victims have been identified. It is assumed that Mr. John Wayne Gacy suffered from a personality disorder, so he claims, that resulted him to act in a psychotic manner and a happy manner. He spent his times volunteering at birthday parties as his alter ego Pogo the Clown.
Gacy kept a low profile for a bit, in his home in Chicago, Illinois. He had a wife and two children, Michael and Christine Gacy. They had no idea what their father was doing on the side.
Five boys went missing before it could be even suggested that Gacy was somehow involved. The disappearances of the boys remained unknown and most were subject to an unidentified perpetrator. Other incidents included the missing nature of the boys, but also the whereabouts of John Wayne Gacy. A main primary witness to Gacy’s doings was Jeffery Rignal, who discussed the sexual assault nature of Gacy’s crimes. He claimed that he was abducted and sexually abused. John Piest went missing from a store in which he was promised to be given work by a stranger. His mother said that he was last scene leaving to talk to the strange man behind a store, and that was the last time she heard from her son. Much like the pattern of disappearing boys from around Chicago, Piest was no where to be found, which allowed the mother’s witness to put John Wayne Gacy on the suspect list.
The Des Plaines police obtained a warrant to Gacy’s house, while he was in the hospital being treated for a heart condition while being question by authorities. They entered the home and found the decoration of the home was riddled with Clown photos that were suspected to be more than his side job mascot. They found used sex toys and magazines of gay pornography. They found an entrance to the crawl space in the basement, in which the Des Plaines police thought they’d find John Piest. They found an intentionally flooded basement.
Authorities claimed that it took 5 minutes to drain the crawl space. When it was finally finished, they found 6 by 4 trenches of mud in the ground in a cemetery-like fashion. Once they dug up the mud, there were human remains believed to be boys other than their intended search. They continued and found multiple parts of human flesh, and lots of bone fragments drenched in mud or concrete.
This was enough to convict Gacy when he was back from the Hospital and the police took him in to which he was taken to court. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection on accounts of the multiple homicides and rape charges.
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