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Meme👏Review👏: You thought it was going to be a quality column but it was me Dio

Written by Anthony Grafton

Welcome back to the best column on the Internet. Where the memes run free, the skies are not cloudy all day and Duckman rules supreme.

This week we still do not have a guess, but we will not be talking about Pepe again. This week is a meme near and dear to my heart, Jojo memes. Jojo’s bizarre adventure is an anime with a strong cult following that has become famous from the memes and the animation of part 5. Jojo was originally a manga, a style of comic book popular in Japan, that started off with three part but is at this point and time is 7 parts long. I would recommend the anime because there are about 652 chapter spanning the whole series but the anime is only up to only part 5 at this time. The memes come from the anime also. The most popular two come from part one.

The first part is about killing vampires.  In part one, there is a character, who is the antagonist of part one, named Dio Brando. In this scene, Dio kisses the girl that the protagonist likes. This is a problem because the protagonist is a gentleman from the 1800s in every way including wanting a pure girlfriend or wife. Each protagonist from each part has a different name but all nicknamed Jojo. I will be going by the protagonist of part’s first name, Jonathan. Jonathan walks in see the girl he like kissing his nemesis adopted brother Dio and Dio exclaims “You were expecting Jojo to be your first kiss but It was me Dio”. That is how the meme started and the reason people love Dio so much, Dio has amazing quotes. This one quote inspired a ton of memes for a multitude of situations. The problem is that this meme loses its interest after one or two. That is the main problem with Jojo meme, they are spread around so much that most people have seen them or not enough people have seen Jojo to make more and better versions of the meme.

The last meme I will review from Jojo is also very popular, known as the To Be Continued meme. At the end of every episode the outro song would people with the end of the episode making for some epic moments in the series of part one. Every part the song changes and this is also part to the creator of Jojo have a love for classical rock like Queen, The Beetle and other people from the 80s rock generation. The outro song is called Roundabout by Yes which the intro is the bulk of the meme. This meme consists of a person doing something but before the person is usually hurt the whole situation is put in a freeze frame to intro of Roundabout with to be continued in the corner, usually with a black and white filter. I like this meme because on paper it works really well but I feel like when people use the freeze frame they do it at the wrong time ruining the suspense that the meme should create. So both meme get a 4 Dio out of 10 because it really creative the character of Dio who is a vampire who gains the ability to stop time but always get defeated.

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