The Pros and Cons of Heels

Written by Tori Yang

High heels should be essential for girls. I have become more empathetic after attending the dance. My legs have been hurting for two days,so today I want to discuss the pros and cons of wearing high heels.


Correct posture and maintain body shape. Needless to say, this can be seen from the correct way to wear high heels! Wearing high heels can make women’s chest and hips stand out, which can show the curvaceous beauty of women, making the posture of standing, standing and walking more beautiful, more spiritual and youthful. Especially for young women who are short and mature, wearing high heels can raise their appearance from the outside, which is conducive to their physical and mental health.

Stovepipe + reduce the abdomen. Because the heel is high, in order to maintain balance, it is necessary to strengthen the chest and abdomen, the calf force, help the chest enlargement, increase the vital capacity, and can make the abdominal muscles and calves muscles; can also increase abdominal pressure, reduce abdominal fat . At the same time, when walking in high heels, because the forefoot touches the ground, it reduces vibration and protects the internal organs and brain.

The advantages of high heels are undeniable, but their shortcomings are many, not all women can wear.


Generally speaking, it is only suitable for healthy young and middle-aged women, and it is better to use half-high heel (middle 4 cm) or general high heel (5-6 cm). Especially the pointed high heels are harmful.

Scientific research: the heel is 3-4 cm high is the best, more than 6 cm will be counterproductive. Because the heel is too high, too small, the support surface of the sole is small, the center of gravity of the body is unstable, and the weight of the whole body is pressed against the forefoot and toe, so that the pressure of the front transverse arch and the posterior transverse arch of the foot is increased, and the chest is forward. Very, the hips are prominent, which can cause the curvature of the vertebrae. Long time will not only make the joints of the legs stiff, muscle sore, but also cause deformation of the arch, or heel and ankle pain and toe joint disease. Such as wearing pointed high-heeled shoes, the front is too narrow, the toes are squeezed in it, not only the feet are uncomfortable like wearing small shoes, but also hinder the blood circulation of the feet.

The above is some of the information I have compiled. I personally think that women should have a pair of high heels, not necessarily more, but at least there should be a pair, those who do not wear, the collection can also be! Wearing high heels can have certain benefits, but one can not wear for a long time.


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