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Chinese Game Unheard Review

Written by Van Yang

Unheard is a very interesting work. It doesn’t make efforts to please the players through visual impact like many games. In fact, it deliberately weakens the expressiveness of the picture in the game, and instead strengthens the sense of existence of the “sound” element, making the sense of hearing replace the vision and become an experience the main element of this work.


What you play in the game is a detective who gather clues by monitoring others’ conversation. You can’t go to the crime scene. You can’t check the traces left behind. You can only hold a device like a live map to observe the movement of each person at the time of the incident, to listen to the original sound recording, and then through reasoning and Imagine, tag each person’s identity, guess what happened at the time, and find the final truth.

These recordings appear to be coherent, but turn out to be fragmentary. As you can only monitor the conversation takes place in one single room at one time, getting all the useful information simultaneously is not practical. Not to mention the characters have their own self-awareness as they may move, disguise or defraud others, so the information you get will also be inconsistent and deceiving. After listening to the recording, you may only be able to collect information about a certain person, or what happened in a certain room. If you want to splicing the story completely, you have to listen to the recording several times, follow different people, go to different places, and finally finish the puzzle of the story in your mind.

From the perspective of script quality, the completion of each case in “Mystery Succeeding” is very decent, not only the types of cases involved are rich in variety but also the suspense is set well. From possession of drugs, theft, bombings to deliberate homicides, from performance art to ghost text messages, “Surprise” covers many elements and bridges of classic suspense stories.

But in general, the story that can be carried by more than ten minutes of recording is still not complicated. The content of the game that is only presented through the recording without the screen will also restrict the creative thinking of the script. Although the cases of Unheard are all above the standard, after the game is finished, it is difficult to leave a deep impression on them, and there is a lack of deep excavation and reversal of the people.


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