Eating Burgers With Chopsticks Is Accused of Racial Discrimination! The US “Burger King” Got Itself Into Racism Scandal.

Written by Van Yang

Recently, the American fast food brand Burger King advertised a new Vietnamese-style burger. The ad video was released in New Zealand, and the content was about several were using huge chopsticks to eat burgers, which was very clumsy. This has caused widespread dissatisfaction among foreign Asian netizens, and many netizens associate with the D&G insults of China a few months ago. Currently, the company has removed the disputed ad and issued an apology statement.

Subsequently, this advertisement video was forwarded to Twitter by a Korean New Zealander. The behavior of Burger King making fun of chopsticks in the advertisement made many netizens angry. Chopsticks are a kind of tableware that Asian people have used for thousands of years. Asian communities around the world eat with chopsticks. Foreign netizens have accused Burger King of “not sensitive to culture” and “racial discrimination”, while others have said that the advertisement makes chopsticks look “clumsy”, “lower” and “stupid”.

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