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National Holidays of the Week

Written by Roberto Barron

This week lacks any major holidays, so once again the topic of this article is national holidays for everyday this week.

Drink safely Milwaukee because April 7th is National Beer Day which welcomes anyone of the legal age to partake in an alcoholic beverage. It’s well known how influential beer has been to Milwaukee especially with our baseball team being named the Brewers.

Grab a plate because April 8th is National Empanada Day. The first mention of empanadas is in a Spanish cookbook from 1520. As travel between Spain and Latin America progressed so did empanada’s popularity.

Winston Churchill is best remembered for being the Prime Minister of Britain and his role with getting them through WWII. His national day of celebration is on April 9th because of it being the anniversary of when President Kennedy made Winston Churchill an honorary citizen of the United States.

As difficult as it might seem; try to take a day off from fighting with your siblings so you can appreciate them. This day should be every day, but especially April 10th because its national Siblings Day.

From horses to fish, National Pets Day encourages pet adoption. If you’ve been begging your parents for a puppy feel free to test your luck again by asking on April 11th.

April 12th is National Silence Day, which isn’t exactly what it sounds like. Instead of simply being quiet its meant to help raise awareness for bullying for those in the LGBTQ+ community by taking a vow of silence.

Pull out your dictionaries and your game boards because National Scrabble Day is on Saturday April 13th. Scrabble was invented in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts as a distraction from the troubling lifestyle of the Great Depression.



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