What’s The Difference Between Chinese and American High School Life

Written by Tori Yang



We usually weak up super early, and that’s not just for high school students, elementary and middle school student too.

Usually school start at 7:00 am in the morning.

We can’t be late at all, because in China, you stay in same classroom mostly everyday, teacher will go to different classrooms. So there is a system for every class, if you be late for didn’t clean your own classroom well, School will deduct your class point. Because everyone represents the collective, everyone should try not make mistakes.

We also had a lot lessons need to learn, and most class is contact to your “GaoKao” which equal to our “ACT” or “SAT”. So everyone will study super hard, because we only can take “GaoKao” once a year.

Afternoon: around 11:30-12:00

After we take all morning lesson, we had a break to eat lunch, usually school will have cafeteria, and then you can get food from there, but a lot student will choose go outside school to get something to eat, like street food.

After lunch we go back to the classroom, take nap or keep study. for 30 minutes and then start afternoon class.

Around 5-5.30:

We will go eat again…

Around 6:20-9:30

We had afterschool study hall… So we keep study study and study…


there still have something else I didn’t fully write it. but you can check the Video I post. it basically talking talk about what true Chinese High School students daily life. Although the process is very hard, everyone has accumulated knowledge through their efforts and entered the ideal university. This is a very fulfilling thing.


Picture from: 杰里德Jared。

Video from: 杰里德Jaredand and Jessica Duhon


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