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A Case against the Nintendo Switch

Written by Christine Gill

Written by Isaiah Martin

In the midst of all this Nintendo Switch hype there is a need for a voice that sets the record straight. The Switch ain’t all that.  I don’t hate it but I do have an axe to grind though its more with Nintendo rather than the Switch. In all honesty the switch isn’t bad but its most definitely mediocre. Down below is a list of logical reasons of why the Switch isn’t worth your money.

Its Mediocre and That’s Not Okay (see what I did there:)

Most gaming systems have something special about them. Like the Nintendo 3Ds ability make literal 3D images to full on games in the palm of your hand. It could also pause just by closing the system and was the ultimate portable device. It can even run games from past DS models. The PlayStation as well as Xbox can play large high quality games at fast speeds, play blue-ray dvd’s and get streaming services (Netflix, YouTube etc.). The Switch is supposed to be the silver lining of both gaming systems and lacking in both categories. While the switch may be able to stream the gaming quality of the switch inferior to both the Xbox and PS. The Switch can’t even play DVD’s.  When it comes to portability the Switch is severely lacking. I understand that people want to play more expansive, larger and higher quality games than most portable devices  have.  The Switch offers this availability but when evaluate how portable the Switch really is…it’s pretty awkward. For example it’s the roughly the length of a computer screen and half its height. Okay you can take it with you on vacation but what about a grocery store or a movie. You can’t just easily slip it in your pocket like a 3DS or a phone. Its not practical nor casual when you consider it portability in everyday activities.  Like when you take your clothes to the dry cleaners or go out to eat. The only practical place to pull out the switch is on a long car ride or plane. Past portable devices could efficiently pause by closing the system like a hand-sized computer. The switch can’t even do that

It’s Not Made for Everybody

A kid can play a game on an Xbox or PS pretty easily. They have basic controls and simple mechanics. They can play a 3DS easily. Adults can play all of these and a game on a phone. The Switch however can be more than a tiny bit difficult when setting up and even playing.  There is a dock you have to set up and pieces can easily be lost and or broken. The same goes for other consoles but not the PS and Xbox for a couple of reasons. My PS4 fell more than four feet and didn’t take any damage not even a scratch. The controller has been thrown across my room and still works like its new. The same goes for Xbox. The Switch however is a very delicate and slim system which probably doesn’t take much pressure to split in half. In the hands of children, the switch may even be chocked on, lost, or broken. Nintendo has always been at the hearts of children since the days of Mario but the Switch is completely for adults. Even in the Switch commercials you’ll rarely find a kid playing one. There all adults which is lowkey sad. Most of the scenarios on the commercials are just unrealistic. Sure you got the person plane or on a road trip. Then there’s a scene where a Switch player literally waves at some neighbors having a party on a roof and just comes over. From there they just start playing on the Switch together. Again there are no kids in sight. I certainly remember times where I needed a younger family member or even friend to sit still and keep themselves busy. During those time I’d just give them my games (DS 3DS PS3-4) because if I couldn’t break it they certainly couldn’t. With the Switch you better believe I’d have a hard time keeping myself from accidentally braking it. Also there is no protection case for the Switch. I get evolving with the audience but Nintendo needs to be aiming at a younger crowd like it was before and it was so good at doing. There are just too many competitors when it comes to grown entertainment for Nintendo to compete with.

It’s Not Smart For Business

Personally I’m mad that the Switch indirectly killed the 3Ds. I know its bias but the Nintendo really should have found a way or a new system to continue the DS line of games so that its coexistent with the Switch. That would at least solve the problem of age of audiences. The 3DS was an expert in its respective area which was portability. So do phones. The Switch however as stated above is mediocre at portable gaming. Just because something can doesn’t mean it’s good at whatever its doing. It’s like having the oven door open to heat the house. Nintendo is really forcing the Switch onto players which so far has been working for them. They should try to expand their horizons and keep everybody happy. The Xbox and PS are systems that provide gaming for technically all ages but lean towards adult crowds. The Switch is also entering that territory and the only thing that makes it special is that its portable which is an area already dominated by phones. The Switch just can’t take that much competition. Its handling itself well now but what about when the next PS or Xbox comes out. We already know that phones are constantly evolving. Players who are PS or Xbox fans won’t buy a Switch if they can play the exact same games if they have the latest versions of their home console. Most people have an Xbox or PS. The only people who will really buy the Switch are people who are recently have been introduced to the gaming world. Once their exposed to better systems and social media the Switch might as well be a thing of the past.


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