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Movie Recommendation: Audio Description Star Wars: New Hope

Written by Jonathan Frank

Movie Recommendation: Audio Description: Star Wars: New Hope.

Age Rating: PG.         Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy.         Release: 1977.             Runtime: 2h 5m.             Score: 8.6/10 IMDb.   My Score: 9.0/10.

So, this is not a review of the original Star Wars movie, while it is a good movie, I want to talk about something else involving this movie. Imagine watching a movie with a talkative person who really likes to describe what is happening in the movie. But that person is really, really excited and enthusiastic about what he is saying. It’s a dumb thing to find enjoyable but something about the guy’s voice is really funny to me, and it is all around a very enjoyable way to watch a classic movie. The only thing that would have made this better was if he was reading the script himself, but him reading what you can see on screen is good enough. Audio Description, as described on Wikipedia “is an additional narration track intended primarily for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media”. While it is intended for those purposes, it is really entertaining to watch it in this way so that you can watch the movie in a new way. With this, you can watch the movie and be doing other things so that you can still know what is happening. I wish I knew who was doing the voice over for this movie, because his enthusiasm is something I want in everything I watch. So in the end, this was a really fun and kind of hilarious experience. If you want to, I highly recommend watching a movie like this, and I think that this is a very good start.

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