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Sephora vs. Ulta

Written by Paloma Romo

When I first began wearing makeup, I didn’t really know the difference between Sephora and Ulta. The only main difference I thought was that Ulta sells both drugstore and high end makeup. The more that I started going, the more differences I found. Sephora carries a bit more variety since it focuses on more high end makeup instead of drugstore makeup. I also realized that the service is better at Ulta. I went to get color matched at sephora and both of the times the colors that the employee picked out for me were not a match at all. They also did not want to help me out quickly. The lady told me that I had an appointment in half an hour so I had to wait. Color matching does not take long so she could have helped me. When I went to Ulta I got color matched the lady helped me so much. She listened to everything that I told her I wanted in a foundation and she looked until she found it which took awhile but I really appreciated it. Overall I like the Ulta service more but Sephora has a higher selection of high end products.


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