5 Different Flavors of Lay’s From China

Written by Tori Yang

Do you like to eat potato chips?

This article is a review of Lay’s Potato Chips. We test Lay’s flavors from China. Some flavors you may not have tried before.

Lay’s Cucumber-Flavored Potato Chips: The smell of cucumber is in the bag when you open the bag. Just put the potato chips on your tongue, the fragrance is particularly rich, but the unique taste of cucumber is not good.

Lay’s Kimchi: The first bite of the chip can be thought of as “Korean Kimchi”, which is the same as the name spicy and tasty! For me I think it is too salty. If you like salty chips, that will be good choice.

Lay’s Cherry Blossoms flavor: The smells of this bag of chips is very sweet like a flower but doesn’t smell like the cherry blossoms. There is a strange taste when you put in the mouth (like a certain soap in the supermarket). I think this one is really special, because I never see any flower chips for sale in the USA.

Lay’s Durian Flavor: The durian itself is an extreme taste. If you try, you might really like it. If you do not like it, it is annoying. It has a very weird taste for me when I ate it.

Lay’s Matcha Flavor: It smells and tastes like Matcha (a kind of green tea). The sweetness has some potato flavors mixed in it, but personally I don’t like this flavor. It tastes really weird.

Picture from: SMZDM

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