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C8 Corvette-Radical Changes Coming?

Written by Gus Wilson

For the past five years’ rumors have been pouring out about a mid-engined Corvette being in the works because in 1970 the idea of a mid-engined Corvette was floating around since GM wanted to compete with the contemporary sports cars of the time. The mid-engined Corvette was introduced by chief design engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov or the “Father of the Corvette” because he believed the Corvette would have better handling since the weight distribution was primarily towards the front due to the front-engine layout.

1970 Corvette “Aerovette” Concept

Fast forward to 2019, finally, the Corvette is getting the changes it deserves along with some new items like a twin-turbo V8, dual-clutch transmission, and the better handling of its supercar competition. The car will come in two different trim levels: The Stingray which will be the base trim with a 500hp V-8 called the LT2 which is a 6.2L engine and the other model is supposedly going to be the high-performance model with a twin-turbocharged V8 called the “Zora” named after Zora Duntov, the mind behind the second and third generation Corvettes.

The Corvette might have a dual-clutch only although that is still up in the air as the Corvette team has yet to confirm that, a manual transmission is hopefully in the list of options. The new dual-clutch transmission going into the Corvette is a seven-speed with a new clutch by wire system which is like having drive-by-wire or brake-by-wire system where there is no physical connection from the pedal to the actual part. It doesn’t necessarily make it any lighter because of the number of wires needed to make it all work, but it will make it easier service since there isn’t any mechanical linkage like a Ferrari or McLaren gearbox.

The transmission is built by Tremec Corp.; it is their TR-9007 DCT model which is a seven-speed with the top three gears being overdrive gears, it can handle up to 664ft-lbs of torque, and go up to 9000rpm. The trans is going to be a lot better for the car especially since it is replacing the 8-speed automatic in the outgoing 7th gen model which is just the basic torque converter automatic and it is slow to shift.

The car will start at an estimated cost of $60,000-$70,000 which is still a lot cheaper than the supercars it competes with most of which are in the $200K-$750K range. Thursday, April 11, 2019 the car was shown at a charity event put on by the Siller Foundation called Footsteps to the Future Gala by the CEO of General Motors Mary Barra, although the car was just a camouflaged prototype so there is still more work to be done before it’s official debut and that was also reviled that night with the sides of the car having a date: 07.18.19 meaning it’s debuting on July 18, 2019. The car is going to be a huge argument piece amongst car enthusiasts, journalists, racers, and critics around the world.

Note: The C8 is keeping the Targa top which is just a removable hardtop roof except it goes in the garage or the front trunk instead of folding back into the rear area.

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