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Son Goku: Earth’s Greatest Fighter

Written by Anthony Grafton

Dragon Ball is an anime that became popular in America around the 80’s. A little boy was sent to be saved from his planet being destroyed. This little boy was found in a pod by an old man and raised as his own. This is the only thing similar to Superman story. when the little boy first came out of the pod he was extremely violent until his rage made him hit his head and he had become happy go lucky. This man was named Son-Gohan and he named the boy he found Son-Goku. In Japanese anime, it is common for the author or artist to give the family name, last name in America, first. The family name is then dropped and people are known as their “last name”. Goku live with for a short period of time but trained him in using his spirit energy making it physical, this spirit energy is called Ki. Gohan left one day and died, which left Goku all alone at his father’s home. This was until a woman with hair came found Goku. The original dragon ball anime starts at this point and has had an extremely large fan base not only in Japan but in America and other places also.

Dragon Ball continues today with the latest version being Dragon Ball Super. The thing that has stayed the same is Goku and his will to continue fighting no matter what. Compared to someone like superman, Goku has clear limits because the story always needs Goku to over common them. Superman is shown to be a god with no clear limits but since Goku is more down to earth he seems more relatable. Goku being the face of shonen anime, anime with a lot of action made for a boy fan base around 7- 12, similarly to how Superman has been the face of comics. Goku came before Naruto even though my generation grew up more with Naruto, if anyone reading this was wondering why I have said nothing about how big Naruto was. A very popular YouTube channel named Screwattack made an episode from their famous series, Death Battle, about how Superman would be Goku. I am not here to talk about this, but talking about the episode brought back my love for Goku.

Out of all the options for anime, Goku can seem like your generic shonen protagonist but that is one of the reason I like him. Goku is a man after my own heart, he only likes to fight and eats. Goku has a radish family two kids, one is an adult at this point in the story, and a wife but just focuses on the things he loves. Some people might joke he is a horrible father and husband by these standards, having an alien from a different planet than his own raise his kids, but I think it is just dedication to your work. Before his wife, Chichi, forced him to stop training and become a radish farmer, whenever someone asked him what his job was he said martial artist. This would be fine, but most of the tournaments he went to before the radish farmer never gave him his money he won. Goku, to my knowledge, has only lost one tournament. Goku never had an income before the radish farm and was a spiritual being, dead, for a while with no estate plan while his first son was still very young. Goku was never smart enough to a regular job anyway because Goku was only trained in fighting and nothing else. Goku’s whole life revolves around fighting. When Goku is not training or eating he is just relaxing in nature or sleeping.

Goku’s lack of knowledge mixed with his love only for fighting the strongest leads him to not fight using dirty tactics. So if Goku fights someone that has an obvious weakness like water, Goku would fight in a desert. I love this part of Goku because it makes him feel like a real hero even when the world is in danger while at the same time, which causes suspense for the viewers watching. Did Goku just set himself up to fail or is this just part of his plan? Even though Goku doesn’t use dirty tricks, he does bluff a lot. Bluffing is like leaving yourself open so the other person will open themselves up while attacking. This is not dirty because usually you have to finish a fight fast and this is the best way without doing something like throwing dirt in the other person’s face.

The last thing I want to talk abou is the alien species that Goku is from. Goku is a Saiyan from the Planet Vegeta. Sayians are a warrior race and Goku was sent to Earth the conquer it because when a Saiyan sees the full moon, they turn into apes and destroy everything. The story had been changed from the past to fit the present story line, so that he was sent right as the planet was being destroyed rather than conveniently off planet as it was being destroyed, but this ability stays the same. Sayians also have the “if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger” effect to their physical bodies. Finally, the thing Dragon Ball Z is most known for, going super Saiyan. The ability to go blond, or blue depending on the transformation, which gives you an increase in power while risking Goku’s more loving nature to go more to their primitive monkey side. To go any level of super Saiyan, a Saiyan must reach deep inside to find a powerful inner rage that makes them snap. Goku saw his best friend he trained his whole life with die like an animal; he was shot down like an animal with a death laser. This power uncontrolled can destroy a planet and at a god level can destroy three universes with three punches.

One of my favorite super hero is Son Goku for his personality, love of food, and will to fight. Goku is very lazy but when anyone threatens the Earth, even a God, he will fight for the Earth. I think that the only thing he loves more than fighting and food is the Earth. Despite me somewhat putting Goku’s character in a bad light, he does love them but outside of fighting it is hard for him to show it. An example in Dragon Ball Z is there is a bad guy named Cell made to kill Goku because Goku was Earth’s strongest fighter. Goku trains his son named after his Earth dad, Gohan, and they go to fight Cell. Goku sees how strong Cell is, realizes that he might be too strong and stops the fight. Goku then tells his son, basically, “I have finally gotten the chance to train you now, so I believe in you, so go defeat Cell and save the Earth.” Gohan finds a new level of super Saiyan, super Saiyan 2 which was thought to be impossible. After that, he deflected a move that cuts through anything including the user if redirected, catching a destructo disc that was also thought to be impossible. At the end, Gohan defeated Cell with the ghost of Goku. Cell blew up a clone of himself and Goku teleported somewhere else so Earth wouldn’t be destroyed with Goku’s famous Kamehameha Wave.

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