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Music Festival Trends of 2019

Written by Paloma Romo

Summer is right around the corner even though it seems like it is ages away. This means music festival season is in full bloom. Coachella just passed and Lollapalooza is soon approaching as well as many other famous festivals like the Electric Forest festival. Since Coachella just passed we can get some outfit and makeup inspiration for the rest of the festivals. Some of the most popular trends are crochet tops, crop tops and overall just boho looks. Since these festivals are in plain summer this means that fresh light clothes need to be worn. Lots of people choose to wear very revealing clothing but for those that don’t want to be so exposed these trends can still work for you. Crop tops can be worn with vintage high-waisted shorts paired with lots of body and face glitter. Hair glitter is also a big trend that is quite recent. Wearing braided hairstyles with glitter on top is perfect for those hot summer days. Body jewels are also a great way to add some detail to your outfit and make it pop. Overall these are all great ways to stay up to date on the trends without being too exposed.

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