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Favorite Poem of the Week

Written by Braelynn Jordan

Welcome back! This week we have a poem from senior Antonasjia. The poem she provided for us is A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes. This is Antonasjia’s favorite poem because it gives different possibilities of the dreams people have but choose to not pursue. She can relate to this poem by having dreams that she thought she would pursue but didn’t. With this being her favorite poem, she gave it the chance to impact her by making her live out her dreams rather not wanting to look back on life and say what happened to that one dream I once had. Antonasjia feels that people do not pursue their dreams because they do not have enough motivation, or they let others get into their heads and downgrade their dreams. So instead of letting that occur, she suggests that you live out your dreams, and do not let people tell you your dreams are not good enough because that is a decision for you and only you to decide. In Antonasjia’s opinion, this poem is dope, and if you actually take the time to understand it then you will find a deeper meaning and it could possibly help you in life on the decisions you make. Dreams are unique in their own way because they are only yours. So take advantage of them and pursue them, do not let become deferred. They are worth the chance, just give it to them.

Poem Credit: Pinterest

Photo Cred: Braelynn Jordan

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