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Is Forensic Science the Class for You?

Written by Monteagudo

Forensic Science has taught me a lot about using my logic and reason to identify circumstances that I might otherwise disregard. I learned a lot about how to find small things that might be overlooked, the practice of forensic science, and important data analysis skills that will help me in the present and future. I learned how to read graphs pertaining to DNA, categorical data, and circumstantial evidence. Other skills that are more minor include communicating with others to solve a case, organizing notes, and applying the lessons to real world scenarios including chemical abuse towards real law cases or the use of rigor mortis to determine time of death.
I especially liked the use of movies to connect the topic we were learning to a mainstream idea that would make it easier to understand. Mainly I really enjoyed Dexter and did not see that show in the elements of forensic science until I actually understood the technology and analysis. I also really enjoyed the way we had labs right after so we could apply the information that we were taught. I was, however, confused during things like graphology and the DNA strand sampling. I thought the graphology was kind of boring, but that’s just me. The DNA strand sampling was only confusing to me because I missed a day during that time so that’s on me. I really enjoyed topics like the blood splatter lab, rigor mortis to determine time of death, the hair DNA.
This class has demonstrations that are vivid and relate to everyday skepticism. Aside from the fascination of mystery, Forensic Science encourages the use of cognitive and quantitative skills. I also learned a lot about how forensic science is connected to the real world through the lessons and guest speakers. 10/10 class, would recommend. If you are looking for a fun class that is hands on and involves intellectual thinking, you should consider signing up for Forensic Science.

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