Weather and Dominican Sports

Written by Matthew Sherlock

Weather has been a big issue for all Dominican Sports teams over the past couple of weeks.  The Dominican boy’s baseball team has had the biggest loss of games because of this weather. In the past 2 weeks, the team has had 3 games that have been canceled. This means that the team is going to need to reschedule the games for different days. This is going to be a big inconvenience for the team especially with final exams and AP exams coming up in the next couple of weeks. Dominican has a scheduled double-header for Friday May 3rd. This game should be played because they weather should be nice. Dominican Golf has also been having a lot of trouble with weather. They have had two meets canceled, and have played one meet on a day that should have been canceled. This meet was made up, but going forward it is going to be very difficult to reschedule them. Hopefully going forward the weather can hold up, and we can watch some Dominican Sports.

Photo By: Naples Daily News

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