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What Do 100 Calories Look Like?

Written by Tori Yang

English dietitian Helen Bond and the “Daily Mail” photographer co-produced a group of “100 Cards Food Illustrations”, so that the “calories that could not be seen and touched, can be seen at a glance” 100 calories food illustrations ”

100 calories = 1/4 chocolate croissant

100 calories = half a can of Coke

100 calories = small bunch of grapes + one apple

100 calories = one scoop of ice cream

100 calories = half a muffin cake

100 calories = four and a half Brazil nuts

100 calories = 200 ml of orange juice

100 calories = one banana

00 calories = a boiled egg + a small piece of whole wheat toast

100 calories = dozens of mulberries

100 calories = 150 ml chocolate milkshake

100 calories = four peaches

100 calories = one small sandwich biscuit

100 calories = six and a half marshmallows

100 calories =a glass of beer

100 calories = 23 grams of potato chips

100 calories = a chocolate bar

100 calories =125ml of white wine

100 calories = one plate of strawberry

100 calories = one half of bacon

100 calories = half a piece of chocolate cream cake

100 calories = four and a half walnuts

100 calories = half a piece of Cadbury milk


This may not be extensive, but there may be no way to better understand the concept of 100 calories.

To consume 100 big cards, what do we need to do to work it off?

Walking the dog for 26 minutes,

shopping for 38 minutes,

mowing the lawn for 20 minutes,

jumping for 20 minutes,

cycling for 23 minutes,

climbing the stairs for 11 minutes,

golf for 20 minutes,

mopping for 20 minutes,

sweeping for 25 minutes,

If you are on a diet, this may be helpful.


Picture From: Red Book; Orange soda; Megan Patrick.



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