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Avengers End Game Review

Written by Christine Gill

by Isaiah Martin

This is the review we’ve all been waiting for. To be completely honest there’s not much to say about it. Other than the fact that it’s amazing, awesome, and record breaking. Besides that, not much is to be discussed. The reason of why it is all these things is because it is literally everything jumbled up into like 3 hours. Just everything and anything. The Infinity Stones got their name for a reason, I guess. If you have even a pinch of interest in seeing this movie go do it. Solid 10/10 for me. SO instead of further determining what makes this great movie great I’ma just tell you when to pee. WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT ON.

#1 The Beginning

This one may seem obvious but if you’re a little rough on time and can’t just go BEFORE the movie than just miss a little at the beginning you most likely won’t miss anything important because most of the previews, teaser videos and advertisements are 78% beginning of the movie. You should be able to put things together if you’ve looked at even a few of them.

#2 (spoiler) Honey Did You Iron My Man?

Once you get to the scene with Tony Stark in the wilderness wait for a short period of time after a special person comes out of their tent. Once you get there jet for the bathroom. They just ask Tony for help with a sciencey machine that could go back in time with a couple Back to The Future jokes sprinkled in. You should understand beforehand but if you don’t please… stay seated for your own good

#3 When They Start Talking Japanese Hit Dem High Knees

This is just a fight scene in japan if your reading this you should recognize it immediately.  And that’s all folks

#4 When the Scene Is a Changing Man in a Time Traveling Minivan Tip-Toe in Them Jor-dans as Fast as You Can.

This scene is purely comedic. It takes place in Avengers HQ and the most identifiable people are Cap, Hulk, and especially Antman. The key my friend the key is the minivan. Not when its first shown however…

#5 Huge Spoiler if I Mention the Setting (1hr and 10min?)

Thor and Rocket should be the only familiar characters their things get emotional yada yada…. RUN! This scene is probably one of the most insignificant, but you will need to track star this one because it is on the shorter side.

#6New Jersey, New Jersey not New Pant, New Pants

This scene is marked by the passing of a car. Take your time power walk relax. This scene is one of the longer ones but if any of the scene after it is missed you’re taking some big ole risks. So power walk but if you know what’s going on you should be fine.

Sooooo…If you still have to pee after all that…umm…well…you’re just going to have to pee on yourself.

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