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Dear Miguel

Written by Monteagudo

I am Miguel Monteagudo. I am 18 years old, graduating from Dominican High School in two weeks. I was 14 years old when I entered my first high school and was a completely different person. Unfortunately, when I put it on paper, it proves that I have been through a lot. This letter is to the 14-year-old in the ugly, light blue polo and jeans that was scared of life. It can also be interpreted to anybody seeking advice or a direction to happiness. It will be okay.

P.S It’s a little messy.

Dear Freshman Miguel,

The time has come;  believe it or not graduation is right around the corner. The diplomas and the gowns will soon be a mere memory. In a couple months we will be traveling to a new home that’s only 10 minutes away, quite the distance we wanted, huh? I wish I could tell you to calm down because everything will be okay. You will make it in high school and we have done some great things in the last 4 years. This enlightenment portion of your life will shape you to be what you’ve always wanted, to be happy. It might not seem ideal to be put through the unfair circumstances and the unnecessary stress, but it will make you stronger. We had a lot of fun in high school thanks to your friend group. Your friends, I wish you cherished them as much as I do now, they might be completely different, but they are going to go with you on a long, long life journey. If I could change anything about our time, I just wish you were not as afraid as you were. People are not as powerful as they seem, the preppy boys that bullied your friend could instantly be shut up with a glare. Michael and Andres knew that you were not as strong as you are now. You need them as much as they need you, they’re going to still be here when you leave MUHS. It might be a wild thought, but the friends you meet at Dominican will prove to be one of a kind.
On the topic of changes in your life, you will make a lot of them. It is important that circumstances that seem permanent are temporary; sadness will not plague your mind forever. The sunset will rise soon, just calm down, okay?
Lastly, if I had the chance to go back and tell you one thing, it’d be about your stupid teenage heart. I’d go back to the moment that you logged onto Instagram and checked your direct messages and saw that this one person had messaged you. You need to not answer that, just ignore it. Trust your gut, if something seems wrong it may be actually wrong. The second you replied was the second that changed you forever. Love is a word only used for old people who share dentures and prune juice. To us, it meant a connection that was greater than any other that you’ve felt with anybody ever. It hurts to say that you will experience this at such a young age. None of it will be your fault or their fault, it is all about circumstance. As an 18-year-old, I can say that I do not believe in “love,” but that connection was something greater than anything I will ever understand.
Everything will be okay. It might seem like your world is falling apart, but we found happiness. We found the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I could tell you that it will be okay. The tears that you cried at night when your family falls apart will scar you and the feelings that you experience will make you stronger. Giving up will seem like the only option. It’s not.
We made it Miguel.

Miguel Monteagudo ‘19

P.S Do not buy that 60-dollar collard shirt from the Armani Store, it will only end up in the garbage.

Photo By: Miguel Monteagudo

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