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Little Movie Review

Written by Isaiah Martin

Little believe it or not Little is a record-breaking movie. The whole idea came from the mind of Black-ish star Marsai Martin who is the youngest to do such a thing. I don’t know exactly what that thing is but full credit to her. The movie actually is supposed to be an opposite recreation of Big. Anyway, I went to see it over spring break and I wasn’t (majorly) disappointed. I wasn’t blown away either. The movie wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be but it was far from bad. It was basically Big but it didn’t have the nostalgia attached to it. This is likely because it hasn’t had time. Maybe it was because Big was at a more movie going time.  Maybe it’s because of the soundtrack, which I actually loved by the way. But the way the two movies used their soundtracks were largely different. Big had real instruments that embody the specific scene of the movie and reoccurring theme sound. Little had an amazing soundtrack but it didn’t really have a reoccurring theme. None the less when looked at as a whole Little is a comedy and as a comedy it does a good job. It’s a very cute movie and serves its purpose thus it gets a rating of 7/10 in my opinion. Here are what the professionals says.


Rotten Tomatoes- 45%

and umm… i would like to dedicate this sentence to Issa Rae you doing your thang and you are greatly appreciated

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