James Charles v. Tati Westbrook

Written by Teddy Kister

A couple days ago, the beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook uploaded a video called “bye sister” where she spoke about many problems she had with fellow YouTuber and former close friend James Charles. These problems include James promoting Halo Beauty’s, Tati’s company, main rival Sugar Bear Hair. Also she claimed that James was entitled as a 19 year old millionaire. She made claims that he made inappropriate comments towards straight men, James being gay. This video blew up, gaining over 49 million views in only around 5 days. James quickly made a response video, however millions of people thought the apology was bad and the video gained over 2 million dislikes. After Tati’s video, James lost over 3 million subscribers in less than a week, a record set for most subscribers lost in that time period. However, this was just the beginning of James’ problems. Throughout the next couple days, many people came out and said that James flirted with them, however they were all straight. It turned out that many of the accusations were fake and were made just to cash in on the drama. Jeffree Star, another large beauty YouTuber put out many tweets about James Charles, attacking both him and his brother.

After days of silence on all social media, James uploaded a video called “no more lies” where he spoke about the situation. He disputed many of Tati’s claims. He said the only reason James promoted Sugar Bear Hair was because at Coachella he was being swamped by fans, and Sugar Bear Hair helped him get higher security. He also showed many texts messages and direct messages with people that claimed that he flirted with them. Many of the claims were fabricated. He also disproved many of the claims Jeffree Star made about him and talking about the way Star harassed James and his brother. James’ video has gained over 30 million views at the time of writing this article and his subscriber count started going back up. Tati’s and Jeffree’s subscriber count, however, has been decreasing, and it seems most of the YouTube audience is on James Charles’ side. Tati has deleted her “bye sister” video and Jeffree Star deleted his previous tweets. It seems that the situation has been dispelled and that James Charles has come up on top

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