New Abortion LAW

Written by Elijah Oliver

The New Abortion Law in Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri

A new law was passed May 17, 2019, and it banned abortions past 8 weeks of pregnancy. What was so controversial about this law was that race and incest would not be exceptions to this. On social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter people openly voiced their opinions and reactions to the law. Most of which hated the law and blasted the state legislators who passed the bill. Most saying that “men shouldn’t have control over women’s bodies”. The thing that stood out was that the people who voted for the bill were all men and all white. The law officially targets doctors, not the woman herself. The crime is a felony and is punishable up to 99 years of imprisonment if prosecuted. If a woman had a miscarriage, an investigation would have to take place to see if they secretly got an abortion. Supporters of this abortion law say that it is a heartbeat bill but people who oppose it say the heart in an embryo isn’t fully developed. People ask if this law would be effective or decrease the abortion rate. Only time will help us figure that out.


Photo By: Jose Luis Magana/AP

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