The Politics of Life

Written by Isaiah Martin

Before you go assuming things this article is purely informational and I will write this with the absence of bias.

Abortion is a difficult topic to discuss on both sides of the sea. Recently, in the state of Alabama a state law was signed that outlaws the practice of abortion.  The law is so strict that it doesn’t allow for an abortion even if the pregnancy was caused by rape, or incest. The Governor, Kay Ivey said that “every life is a blessing and a gift from God” and “All human life is precious”. Protestors are speaking out and doctors are continuing to provide abortions since the laws won’t go into effect for at least six months. Trump has spoken out saying that he is very pro-life but does not encourage the restrictions Alabama has against rape and incest.  From a speculative view, it seems that the case is trying to challenge the Roe vs. Wade case which made abortion legal in 1973. The Governor says that its time the Supreme Court looked at the case.

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