Air Pollution Emergency in Mexico

Written by Paloma Romo

Mexico City has declared an environmental issue due to fires resulting in extreme air pollution. Wildfires near the city have caused the pollution to be so bad that it has been found harmful to the health of its citizens. Authorities have recommended for people to stay inside and shut all doors and windows. Also the use of vehicles is being restricted to try to improve air quality. Many activities such as sporting events and concerts have been postponed until further notice due to this. Classes have also been getting suspended for the safety of the children. According to the world air  quality index air pollution levels have been higher than India’s and China’s over the past few days. Air pollution in Mexico is not a new thing. People would say that breathing that air was like smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. A pollution researcher said that the pollution would be so bad that all of a sudden birds would fall out of the sky dead. Although measures are being taken to try to improve this issue, it will probably be a while until this problem is fully under control.

Picture Credit: Henry Romero

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