An Afternoon with Dominican’s Favorite Mama

Written by Layla McGee

Where are you from and what was your earliest memory of school?

Mrs. Keller is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and her earliest memory of school is being in K5 and doing a ballet recital. “I just remember a man was in the crowd and I was scared to turn around and look at him! I don’t know why I did that!”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Mrs. Keller said from a young age she wanted to be a mother! She felt it was weird to want to be that at such a young age but she always wanted to have someone to take care of. She also expressed she had an interest in women’s rights but wasn’t entirely sure what she could’ve done with that interest.

What is one value you tried to instill in all your kids?

“Be kind!” Mrs. Keller said. “You never know what someone is going through, they could have a really crappy life.” She says she is a firm believer in the principle of turning the other cheek and encourages her children to do the same thing.

How long have you been working at Dominican and what is your official job title?

Mrs. Keller has been volunteering here in the business office since ’96, but it wasn’t until ’98 that she was officially hired.

What are some things you do here that we may not know about?

Mrs. Keller admitted that she felt her job was simple and said: “When it comes to me, you get what you see.”

What is one of the biggest changes you’ve seen in Dominican since you’ve started working here?

According to Mrs. Keller, the change in her office has been the biggest one. With the addition of air conditioning and art, she is more comfortable and enjoys having her own space.

What is your favorite day here at Dominican (talent show, multicultural, knight walk) and why?

Mrs. Keller said that every day here is a fun day at Dominican because “you never know what will happen.”

What is something you wish schools taught?

When asked this, Mrs. Keller immediately stated that she wishes schools taught more life skills and cooking classes. She said back when she started at Dominican, there was a cooking class that went on all morning and everyone loved it, and it was a very valuable skill.

What is one change Dominican could make that would make your job easier?

Mrs. Keller wishes she had better speakers in her office; it would make her music listening experience better. But other than that, she says she loves Dominican.

What is one piece of advice or last words you’d give to the class of 2020?

Without much thought, Mrs. Keller quickly exclaimed that we should “Do what makes you happy! It’s not always about the money you will make or the material things.”

When did people start calling you “mama”?

Mrs. Keller says the senior class of ’98 is where it started, and it’s been going ever since.


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