From Brooklyn to Milwaukee

Written by Jack Desing

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in the early 1970’s is where Mr. Vinnie Murray was born and raised. He was raised on the values of being kind to others and was expected to be a good kid. His parents were Irish and Italian and preached the importance of a Catholic education throughout his life. Throughout his time living in New York, one of his favorite activities was going to the pizzerias with friends and family. During his time in high school, Mr. Murray found his passions on the basketball court and baseball field. After high school he enrolled into St. John’s University located in Queens, New York. He wanted to stay in sports after college by coaching sports and teaching P.E. Mr. Murray described living in Brooklyn, which is only a few miles away from New York City, as a constant sprint. Everyone was always racing around with their own agenda. While some might find that stressful, Mr. Murray thrived in that environment. Walking everywhere is what he misses the most about New York.

Something he remembers very vividly is the day of September 11, 2001. He recalls how parents took their kids out during the school day in fear. His fear on that day revolved around his mother. His mom worked in the World Trade Center and he could not reach his mother to find that she was well until much later in the day. As the years pass he meets his wife who was living in New York for a short period of time. His wife grew up in Wisconsin and wished to return soon. As their relationship developed, he and his wife moved back to Wisconsin to start a family. Today, Mr. Murray resides in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters. At this present time Mr. Murray’s previous goals of a higher level coaching job have now shifted and his family is number one on his list.



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