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Sunrise September 5th

Written by Layla McGee

The morning of September 5th I woke up at 4 am, got dressed, laid in bed looking out the dark window and waited for Autumn to arrive. By 5:15 she was rolling into my driveway as I quickly whispered goodbye to my still sleeping family and locked the door. It was cold outside, it was dark, the roads were empty, and it seemed the world was still asleep. Me running on barely 6 hours of sleep and Autumn in need of gas took a pit stop at a nearby gas station to fill up her car and purchase a red bull. We drove the 20 minutes from my home in Milwaukee to Whitefish Bay blasting our favorite songs the whole way. People were staring, of course, likely wanting to call the police for our excitement at such an inappropriate time. As we pulled into the parking lot of Klode Park, the sun was just making its arrival in the sky. We excitedly ran down the huge hill making our way onto the sand and getting our cameras ready. Between taking pictures and watching in awe, we let the beauty before us distract us from the fact that we were both tired. As the time for us to leave came closer, we reluctantly got back into her car making our way to Dominican. With a beautiful way to start our day, we tiredly made it to 1st hour.







Photo Credit: Layla McGee and Autumn North

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