How to Eat Like a Martian

Written by Josie Balistreri

A recent study, published in the New Space scientific journal, provides an outline of how colonists on Mars can potentially survive for extended periods of time.  The researchers were tasked with discovering how a Mars colony with a population increasing to one million people could feed itself.  Their findings discovered that the colony could become self-sustaining within 100 years, but food shipments would be needed in the interim.  Although technology is still a long way from getting people to Mars, hopeful future colonists can begin practicing for their Martian diet by utilizing a guide created by researchers.  Here’s what it says:

  1. Eat more plants!
    • Eat low-water plants such as beans, tomatoes, and potatoes.
    • Be more open to eating genetically modified plants. Approved plants in the US include squash, soy beans, corn, papayas, sugar beets, potatoes and apples.
    • On Mars, it will be impossible to eat “natural” or “organic” produce, so prepare for that.
  2. Eat insects!
    • Insects provide more calories per square meter than traditional protein sources.
    • Substitute regular flour for insect flours in regular recipes.
    • You can also try eating bug-packed protein bars.
  3. Eat clean meat and alternative proteins.
    • On a colony, crops must go towards feeding humans, rather than livestock, so researchers suggest using clean meat, or cultured meat. Clean meat is produced from animal cells with no slaughter.


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Photo Credit: Kevin M. Gill

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