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Discussing All Things Volleyball with Coach O’Keef

Written by Adonya Byrd
  1. I asked Coach O’Keef, “Where did your love for volleyball come from, and where did it start”?

Coach O’Keef said playing volleyball at Dominican sparked her love for it. She tried out for volleyball because her friends were doing it and she ended up really enjoying it.

  1. I asked Coach O’Keef, “Why and when did you know you wanted to be a volleyball coach”?

Coach O’Keef started coaching in college. She was the assistant coach to a good head coach and she had a good experience with it, which made her continue on with it.

  1. I asked Coach O’Keef, “What do you think is the main reason for the girls’ volleyball team’s good record”?

Coach O’Keef stated that the strong senior class has been a big contributor to the team’s record, because the majority of the seniors have been on varsity since they were freshmen. The girls have put in a great amount of offseason work, which has improved their skills.

  1. When was the last time the girls’ volleyball team had a record as good as this?

Apparently the girls’ volleyball team hasn’t been this successful since 2009.

  1. What team is the biggest threat to this good record? What is the team doing to prepare for this game?

Coach O’Keef indicated that Burlington Catholic Central would be the biggest threat, because they are D4 defending champions. They are practicing their defense against a strong outside hitter and quickening up their offense.

  1. How could the team improve?

According to Coach O’Keef, the team has changed the way they run their defense. They are working on their serve receives and communicating on the court. She also mentioned that the team needs to work on urgency.

  1. What is the team’s strong suit?

Coach O’Keef expressed that the team’s chemistry, their ability to come together in tough times, the leadership, and their offense are all strong qualities of the team.

  1. What are the weak points of the team?

As reported by Coach O’Keef, some girls on the team seem to be struggling with mental toughness.

  1. I asked Coach O’Keef, “what practice exercise do you think is most effective to the team”?

Coach O’Keef believes that the practice as a whole is beneficial. As they work hard to overcome any problems areas and improving their skills.

  1. Who is this season’s most valuable player?

Coach O’Keef noted that every girl on the team is playing their role very well and that there is not a dominant player on the team.

Coach O’Keef also told me that she is very proud of this year’s team no matter what their record is at the end of the season. She also said that the team is a family and that they put each other first and are willing to sacrifice for each other.

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