Kickin’ it With Ms. Rio

I, Kendall, had the opportunity of sitting down with Ms. Rio and asking her some questions about her job here at Dominican.

  • Who is your favorite former soccer player you’ve coached or helped coach?

R: “Emily McDunham”

K: “How many years ago did she graduate?”

R: “Umm, she is a senior in college, so 4 years ago”.

  • What was the first soccer team you’ve played on?

R: “Uhhh..I played for St. Mary’s in Hales Corners”.

  • In your opinion, what’s the worst game and the best game that either of your soccer teams played? And why?

R: “I think the best, one of the best games I’ve ever seen was the boys regional game last year where we were down 4-1 and came back and won.”

R: “Worst? Hmm. Just a lot of injuries happen all at once and the team just kinda collapses.”

  • How are the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams different?

R: “Umm. Let’s see. I think the boys…The boys I think are more experienced. The girls come out for girls’ soccer who have not played before or it’s been really long since they’ve played. That’s not everybody but in general it’s kind of like the biggest difference that I’ve seen. So a lot of the boys have played like their whole life.”

  • What are some things you say to either of your teams after losing a game?

R: “Thinking about like what…like if they didn’t play maybe to the best that they could thinking about what is it that you can bring next time to play better; like you personally. So like what can you do to play better for the next game.”

  • Do you like playing more in the fall or in the spring?

R: “Yes. Definitely fall because of the weather. The weather’s nicer longer.”

  • How did you decide you wanted to be a science teacher and a soccer coach?

R: “I initially just decided to be a science teacher ‘cause I liked Physics and I figured out that’s how my brain worked. Umm.

K: “Why do you like Physics? Because I took it over the summer and dropped it because of that.”

R: “Umm I used to. It’s like totally how my brain works. I was on a bike one day in college and I was just going on a bike ride and I had somebody pass me going umm going the opposite direction and I was like okay or going the same direction and I said if they stop this far then they turn around and come back how long is it gonna take for us to cross paths again? Soo that’s when I decided to do Physics. I never actually figured out the problem but I thought about it.”

K: “Wait so are you good at math too?”

R: “Yea”

K: “Interesting”

R: “Oh soccer coach though. Uhh…I just played soccer so I thought it might be fun to coach too”

  • (Asking for a friend) What the heck is a “hat trick”?

K: “Can you please explain for the people who don’t know? Because Filiberto seems to…”

R: “Get a lot of hat tricks. Three goals in one game”

  • When did you start playing soccer and why do you like it?

R: “Umm… I started playing soccer when I was like 5 or 6. And I like it…I don’t know. I just do?”

K: “ ‘Cause Physics”.

R: “Cause it’s fun. There’s running and there’s a lot of like thinking and strategy involved in it.”

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