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Cultural Shift According to Mr. Schramka

Written by Cesar Lazo
  • I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Schramka for the Knightly News. First I asked him where he was from and what was your favorite childhood memory?

Mr. Schramka is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and his favorite memory from his childhood is when he lived across the street from the park where he would go with his friends to play strikeout and baseball.

  • I asked Mr. Schramka if he thought the political climate had changed since he was a kid?

He feels the political climate has changed and it’s become more mainstream. But he also feels that when he was a kid, he would only hear about it from the newspaper and the news he was receiving was a couple of days behind.

  • Next I asked if he thought the religious climate had changed since he was a kid?

Mr. Schramka says the religious climate has changed because mainstream media now looks down upon religion. He thinks people are now losing their sense of faith and are straying further from God. He says that people are not spending time with God like they used to, and the current culture is beating them down and making people more self-indulged.

  • Has the political climate made a huge impact on religion?

He says that the political climate has impacted religion because now the media is trying to take God away. For example, he thinks people can’t say the pledge of allegiance or say a quick prayer in public without offending anyone.

  • Does he trust the media? Why or why not?

Mr. Schramka believes the media can’t be trusted the same as in the past. It has gotten way out of hand in terms of how they are reporting the news. He feels that these days, they are reporting their opinions instead of the facts. In addition, the truth is being stretched and taken out of context.

  • Where does he get his news from (newspaper, online)?

Mr. Schramka gets his news from online and TV.

  • Does he think the media spreads false information about religion?

Mr. Schramka says yes to this, he thinks the media could be kinder and more respectful of religion.

  • Lastly I asked what did freedom of speech mean to him?

To Mr. Schramka, freedom of speech means being able to speak freely in a respectful way about other people and things you have opinions on.


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