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Goat: My Appreciation for Tunechi

Lil Wayne, aka Mr. Carter aka Young Mula aka Tunechi was and is still today (in my opinion), the greatest rapper of all time. During his prime, he delivered hits like “No worries,” “How to Love,” “Lollipop,” “A Milli,” and “6 foot 7 foot.” His features are also some of the best pieces you will hear from those artists he collaborated with. Some of these include Drake’s “The Motto” and “HYFR,” Nicki Minaj’s “High school” and “Good Form,” Rick Ross’ “Maybach Music,” Solange’s “Mad,” Loyd’s “You” and (my personal favorite), Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier.” If you grew up in or around 2000s era music, Lil Wayne was definitely a part of your playlist. Goat; an acronym meaning greatest of all time. Wayne has definitely proved himself to be the greatest of all time in his field.

My favorite song of his that is on his newest album “Tha Carter V”, is dedicated specifically because he describes just how much of an impact he has made on the culture of our young people. A reoccurring lyric in the song is, Tattoos, Suu-Whoop, Bugatti, and new boo.

New subject, new paper, new Class, new school. This is referring to the trends that he’s created such as, the young people of today getting their face tatted, the infamous gang “The bloods” using slang like “Suu-Whoop” and how he bought a Bugatti first because of his appreciation for cars and now, younger influencers buy them to look cool. Nonetheless, Lil Wayne has made the biggest impact on this generation. I’m going to end this by using a quote from Lil Wayne himself. “The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done… you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do.

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